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Where Empathy Meets Science to Accelerate Life Sciences Research

Trusted Advisor and Clinical Development Partner for Life Sciences Companies Globally

Where Empathy Meets Science to Accelerate Life Sciences Research

Trusted Advisor and Clinical Development Partner for Life Sciences Companies Globally

Case Studies

Medtech Company with a Borderline Product Defines Strategy for EU Launch

New White Paper: Key Considerations for Cell and Gene Therapy Commercialization in Non-Orphan Indications

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating Market Access for Rare Diseases: The Potential of RWE

Our experts answer common questions about the strategic need for real-world evidence to drive market access for rare diseases. 

Expert Insights

Benefits of Systematic and Consistent Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement expert Giulia Pierini discusses the importance of a systematic patient engagement strategy that ultimately benefits all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Expert Insights

Role of Real-World Data in the Development of Lupus Solutions

RWD may encompass healthcare utilization, quality of life, related symptoms and comorbidities, and adherence, as well as socioeconomic factors affecting patients. Explore the benefits of RWD in lupus, the value of leveraging RWD throughout the lupus product lifecycle, and the RWD sources available in this indication. 

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We firmly believe that patient voices must be heard. By bridging our clients and patient advocacy groups, we empower patients to help the healthcare industry deliver what they value most in their care. We facilitate true and fruitful interactions that serve stakeholders across the ecosystem and benefit all patients.

~ Annabel de Maria
Chief Patient Officer

Let us tell you more about how our solutions bridge clinical research with routine medical care to improve the life of every patient, globally.


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