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Alira Health

Where Empathy Meets Science to Accelerate Life Sciences Research

Trusted Advisor and Clinical Development Partner for Life Sciences Companies Globally

Where Empathy Meets Science to Accelerate Life Sciences Research

Trusted Advisor and Clinical Development Partner for Life Sciences Companies Globally

Case Studies

Biopharma Establishes Positioning and Price Point of Two Radioligand Therapies for Solid Tumors

New White Paper: Implications of New European Union Regulations on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

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Address Unmet Lupus Patient Needs 

Lupus is a complex disease with diverse manifestation, limited treatment options and inequitable impact on the affected population. Our aim is to drive innovation in this challenging area, especially in underserved segments and communities. 

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Nuclear Medicine Development

The development of radiopharmaceutical solutions for diagnostics or therapeutics is full of challenges. Companies must navigate diverse regulatory landscapes, a complex payer environment with high prices and cost pressures, and varying levels of nuclear medicine maturity across geographies. Our team can accompany you on this complex development journey.

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Rare Disease Solutions

We help you develop and commercialize rare disease treatments with the intense focus on the unique needs of rare disease patients that is crucial to your success. With a continuum of patient-centric solutions, we work with you to successfully develop and provide life-changing treatments to the patients. 

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Improving the Life of Every Patient

We firmly believe that patient voices must be heard. By bridging our clients and patient advocacy groups, we empower patients to help the healthcare industry deliver what they value most in their care. We facilitate true and fruitful interactions that serve stakeholders across the ecosystem and benefit all patients.

~ Annabel de Maria
Chief Patient Officer

Let us tell you more about how our solutions bridge clinical research with routine medical care to improve the life of every patient, globally.


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