Advanced Analytics

Patient Journey and Behavior Analysis

Patient-focused methodology

Effective marketing and commercial strategies start with an in-depth understanding of typical patient journeys and habits. Traditionally, companies rely on KOL interviews and the results are often limited, biased, and expensive.

The Alira Health methodology is different. We leverage a range of patient data, including:
  • Primary interviews to reconstruct clinical guidelines
  • Longitudinal syndicated data
  • Deidentified data retrieved by patient apps and social media

Leading technology with a global network

When you partner with Alira Health, you’ll benefit from leading-edge technology combined with our extensive network of data providers.
Our propriety artificial intelligence algorithms consolidate and analyze deidentified patient data to reconstruct patient journeys in real settings.

These algorithms uncover significant patterns that yield comprehensive, actionable insights. Typical outcomes include:
  • Therapy switching patterns
  • Therapy adherence rate
  • Prescriber and physician segmentation
  • Comorbidity and comedication profiles
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