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Decentralized Clinical Trial Solution for Dermatology Sponsors

Learn How You Can Partner with Patients to Improve Trial Outcomes
Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) Solution Powered by

Solve the Key Challenges for Clinical Trials

  • Recruitment
  • Dispersed operations
  • Patient adherence to protocols
  • Emerging specifications for photography and high-resolution video communication

Partner with Your Patients for Clinical Trial Success

Patients tell us that they want to participate in the research and development of solutions for their conditions. Our digital solution helps you achieve impressive results by involving patients in the way they want to participate.

Alira Health: Access to True Value for All Stakeholders

hybrid dct

Solution Highlights

  • Alira Health clinical expertise
  • Alira Health market-leading digital health platform
  • Extended with Legit.Health’s AI-based dermatology image assessment


Powerful AI Embedded in the Clinical Trial Platform that:

  • Automates PRO Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) acquisition
  • Optimizes recruitment for more than 232 skin pathologies
  • Automatically and reliably fills in most scoring systems for dermatological conditions
  • With just one Click get 300 rows of clinical endpoints
  • Increase the amount of endpoints with the ability to extract data from photos automatically
  • Increase endpoint quality by reducing investigator bias by 13%
  • 10% reduction of invalid photos, thanks to the neural network for image quality control
  • Automates verification of inclusion criteria to facilitate decentralized recruitment
  • Increases the diversity of participants by validating relevant parameters automatically
  • Maximum granularity of data for each of the clinical signs


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