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2023 U.S. MedTech Contract Manufacturing (CDMO) Report

Published on:
February 7, 2023
Written by:
Carlo Stimamiglio, Sofia Puzzi, Eve Ogdon

The 2023 U.S. MedTech Contract Manufacturing (CDMO) Report

Alira Health in collaboration with MassMEDIC

This 2023 CDMO report investigates the current trends in the United States (US) medtech outsourcing industry. Like 2022, the new year is expected to exhibit the fundamental trends affecting the manufacturing industries in the post-COVID era, where the availability of device components and skilled labor remain scarce.

Here are just some of our findings:

  • Two fundamental forces have steadied the course, contributing to mitigate otherwise crippling blows: a relentless process of incremental outsourcing by medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs); and a secular trend of inorganic industry consolidation.
  • Even at the peak of the pandemic or the global supply chain crisis, medtech CDMOs continued to deliver growth, outperforming the medical device markets and contributing to the orderly supply of life-saving products.
  • Against such backdrop of fundamental growth, investigating and measuring the headwinds, challenges and threats faced by medtech outsourcing is not a straightforward task.
  • A robust capital market and the continuous improvement trend of the US CDMO industry will continue to be competitive advantages for the global medtech ecosystem, driving growth through these unrelenting challenges.

Our analysis investigates these trends and their meaning for medical device CDMOs and their capital sponsors, providing insight into the market trends with a critical view of the opportunities and risks that lie ahead.

US MedTech Contract Manufacturing Report

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