Alira Health and HTAi Collaborate to Develop a Multi-Stakeholder Value Assessment Framework for Robotic-Assisted Surgery & Digital Health

Alira Health, a global healthcare consulting and technology firm with expertise in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) methodology, will coordinate the discussion and consensus of evidence-based guidance on HTA for Robotic-Assisted Surgery (RAS) and Digital Health Technologies.

This multi-stakeholder Value Assessment Framework will provide guidance on how to overcome challenges in determining the cost-effectiveness of robotic-assisted surgery from the perspectives of patients, physicians, and payers.

The framework, designed in collaboration with the HTAi Medical Device Interest Group, is technology and company agnostic. Key areas of guidance will include:

  • best practices in assessing the value of robotic-assisted surgery at both the national and hospital level;
  • how to support the implementation of RAS and Digital Health programs globally;
  • how to ensure the clinician and patient perspectives are included in the quantification of value.

The following areas of consensus will be sought from a panel of leading robotic-assisted surgeons, leading health economists, and policymakers:

  • Clinical Challenges
    • Evidence type and quality (RCT vs RWE)
    • Physician and patient-reported outcomes
    • Physician learning curve
  • Economic Challenges
    • Appropriate Time Horizon for evaluation
    • Challenges of a high upfront capital investment
    • Organizational impact on surgical procedures
  • Digital Challenges
    • Evaluation of an increasingly digitally-enabled RAS ecosystem
    • Overcoming the rapid evolution of digital solutions
Published on:
March 22, 2022
"The guidance will be aimed at HTA agencies globally and will allow them to better assess the value of robotic surgical and digital health systems. We are pleased to be overseeing the operation of such a crucial project and contributing to the development of the consensus document and scientific publication with the recommendations for HTA agencies."
Richard Charter Vice President MedTech Market Access - Europe & Asia Pacific at Alira Health

About Alira Health

Alira Health is an international patient-centric and technology-enabled advisory firm whose mission is to humanize healthcare. We work with healthcare and life sciences organizations looking for support across their entire solutions lifecycle. From development to medical care, we complement our clients’ expertise with a full spectrum of services including research and clinical development solutions, technology-powered consulting, and real-world evidence.

Our integrated and multidisciplinary team of over 500 scientists, strategists, economists, clinicians, and biostatisticians collaborate across our North American, European, and Asian offices and advise 80% of the top 50% of MedTech companies and 75% of the top 50% of Pharma companies.

About HTAi

Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) is the global, non-profit, scientific, and professional society for all those who produce, use or encounter health technology assessment (HTA). The society represents 82 organizations and over 2,500 individual members from 65 countries around the world.

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Alira Health and HTAi Collaborate to Develop a Multi-Stakeholder Value Assessment Framework for Robotic-Assisted Surgery & Digital Health
Learn more about the new evidence-based guidance on HTA for Robotic-Assisted Surgery and Digital Health Technologies. 
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