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Alira Health Joins HealthTech For Care

Organizational Missions Align on Accelerating Innovative Healthcare Solutions and Providing Access

We are pleased to announce that Alira Health has joined HealthTech For Care, a French non-profit organization that is designed to support and promote access to healthcare for all.

HealthTech For Care’s mission is organized around three main areas: to support the development of the entire healthcare ecosystem, to accelerate the development of innovative therapies and medicines, and to promote better access for patients to the healthcare system in France and Europe.

As a stakeholder in France’s healthcare ecosystem, Alira Health provides a wide variety of patient-centric expertise in clinical trials, patient engagement, transactions, market access, commercialization, and more, all under one roof, to ensure the successful development of innovative healthcare solutions that positively impact the lives of patients.

Published on:
July 6, 2023
“Our mission at Alira Health aligns well with that of HealthTech For Care, and we look forward to supporting and advising HealthTech For Care participants and contributing to their events."
Joris Pezzini Executive Vice President, Biopharma

“We are very pleased to have the support of Alira Health for the first year! Alira Health is supporting HealthTech For Care’s actions to accelerate patient access to care. It’s a real added value for us to have Alira Health on our side for helping us to make our actions possible,” comments Solène Goupy, Communication Manager, HealthTech For Care.

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