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Alira Health Partners with the Patient Empowerment Network Enabling Cancer Patients to Take Control of their Health and Treatment

The partnership equips patients with a mobile platform delivering essential support for their medical needs

Framingham, Mass. – November 6, 2023 –
Alira Health, a global advisory and clinical research firm whose mission is to humanize healthcare and life sciences, and the Patient Empowerment Network, a non-profit organization to fortify cancer patients and care partners with the knowledge and tools to boost their confidence, announced today their partnership in supporting those impacted by cancer.


Published on:
November 6, 2023
We are privileged to collaborate with the Patient Empowerment Network. Together, we empower patients to take charge of their healthcare experiences through the utilization of meaningful data that patients own and have control over."
Jennifer Lannon Director, Patient Engagement and Advocacy, Alira Health

Through this collaboration, the Patient Empowerment Network, in conjunction with Alira Health’s digital health platform, Health Storylines, empowers patients to proactively manage their healthcare experiences. Health Storylines, the mobile patient support platform, offers a centralized suite of tools for comprehensive cancer management. Patients can select what aspects of their health journey to monitor, such as symptoms, nutrition, moods, medication, and more, all while gaining insights to better understand and manage their health. This information can also be readily shared with their healthcare provider, ensuring both parties have a comprehensive view to make informed decisions that enhance care and outcomes.

The cancer Health Storylines app encompasses a range of pivotal features aimed at empowering patients in their health management. Some of these valuable tools include, medication tracking, a food diary, a tool to input questions to ask your healthcare team, and much more. Users of Patient Empowerment Network’s version of HealthStorylines will also have access to disease-specific resources from their website, as well as easy access to their digital literacy on demand platform, Digitally Empowered.

Each user is able to personalize their app experience by having the ability to add any of the personalized tools available within the Tool Library that will work the best for their individualized healthcare journey.  Furthermore, patients can enhance their experience by syncing the app with their health and fitness devices, streamlining their health management process for a more comprehensive and integrated approach.

Health Storylines enables patients to develop a deep and personalized insight into their health experiences and to effectively manage their medical conditions. The platform has facilitated over 150,000 patients in becoming proactive and well-informed stewards of their healthcare data across a spectrum of more than thirty major therapeutic domains. The Health Storylines app seamlessly synchronizes with over 300 mobile health devices, delivering a comprehensive self-care experience that centralizes the essential aspects of their health management.

“We are privileged to collaborate with the Patient Empowerment Network. Together, we empower patients to take charge of their healthcare experiences through the utilization of meaningful data that patients own and have control over,” said Jennifer Lannon, Director of Patient Engagement and Advocacy at Alira Health. “In today’s context, prioritizing patients and granting them and their support networks the capacity to chart their healthcare paths is of utmost importance. We firmly believe that well-informed, respected, and engaged patients are more likely to make informed decisions, leading to improved health outcomes. As patients gain access to this growing resource of healthcare and treatment information, they become better equipped to be advocates for their own well-being.”

“We are excited to establish this partnership with Alira Health and the Health Storylines app,” said Tracy Rode, Executive Director at the Patient Empowerment Network. “We are confident that this will provide our community of patients and caregivers with an additional resource to effectively oversee their well-being and flourish.”

The cancer Health Storylines app is accessible to patients at no cost through a web-based desktop version and is also available as a mobile application that can be easily downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

About Alira Health

Alira Health is a global advisory and clinical research firm whose mission is to humanize healthcare and life sciences, in partnership with patients, through innovative technologies and expert guidance. From development to medical care, Alira Health complements the expertise of its Pharma, Biotech, and MedTech clients with a full spectrum of services across their entire solutions lifecycle. Learn more at

About the Patient Empowerment Network

The Patient Empowerment Network (PEN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to enhance patient health literacy to enable shared decision-making and provide informational and educational resources to empower patients and care partners at every step of their healthcare journey Learn more at

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