Alira Health’s Transformation Talks: Early Access Programs: Why and How?

Published on:
January 19, 2022

Early Access Programs (EAPs) offer the healthcare industry enormous advantages – not only do they allow patients with a high unmet medical need access to the innovative medicines prior to their commercialization, but they also allow pharmaceutical companies to generate KOL engagement, enabling them to accelerate reimbursement while leveraging evidence to support P&R and market access.

However, despite all significant benefits, EAPs still remain a black box for the industry due to their complexity.

Listen to this episode of “Transformation Talks” to discover the benefits and challenges of implementing EAPs from both the industry and payer perspectives, and the main recommendations for their effective design and implementation in Europe.

This episode’s guests include Lois Beecroft, Global Pricing and Market Access Director at GSK, and Jacqui Lyttle, Senior Independent Director at NHS Foundation Trust in Torbay and South Devon, our host Kenny Carberry, Associate Director of Clinical Development at Alira Health, and our co-host Nerea Blanqué-Catalina, VP of Global Market Access & Pricing at Alira Health.  

Would you like to understand the complexity of launching EAPs, discover their benefits and learn about the related challenges and ways to overcome them?


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