Be Yourself and Don’t Do It Alone

Episode of the podcast “Conversations Life Science Leaders Aren't Having” with Raphaël G. Ognar, SVP of Global Oncology/Hematology Solutions at Alira Health

The podcast “Conversations Life Science Leaders Aren’t Having” with Jeff Harmon is an opportunity for senior leaders in biotech and pharma to dive into topics that aren’t typically discussed but are keys to success in life, leadership, and in developing life changing solutions for patients around the world.

Raphaël G. Ognar, SVP of Global Oncology/Hematology Solutions at Alira Health, joined the latest episode of “Conversations Life Science Leaders Aren’t Having” to talk about ensuring patient’s well-being while also making life better for colleagues, team members, and even those he passionately disagrees with.

Highlights of the conversation include:

  • Who is Raphael Ognar?
  • Build a Team That’s Not Like You
  • Authentic Leadership
  • The Loneliness of Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Creating Human and Business Success
  • WITH vs. FOR the Patient
  • What It Means for the Patient to Live Better
  • Raphael’s “Why” Around Patients
  • Keeping Impact as Top Priority
  • Advice to Fellow CEOs

Listen to the episode “Be Yourself and Don’t Do It Alone” below or check it out on the following platforms:

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Published on:
August 24, 2022
Meet our speaker:
Raphael Ognar

Raphaël G. Ognar

SVP of Global Oncology/Hematology Solution, Alira Health

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