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Case Study | Nuclear Medicine

Biopharma Establishes the Optimal Positioning and Price Point of Two Radioligand Therapies for Solid Tumors

Client Challenge

A US biopharma company needed to validate the patient journeys and US reimbursement pathways for their two alpha-emitting radioligand therapies (RLT) in two solid tumor indications. They also sought to understand the suitable price points for each asset. The Food and Drug Administration previously approved an RLT in the first indication. However, there was no approval history in the second indication, so no comparison therapy was available, adding to the complexity of the project.

Our Approach

Working together, the Alira Health Market Access and Management Consulting teams conducted a three-phase approach to set up the client for success prior to market entry.

  • Phase 1: Patient journey and treatment algorithm validation
    Alira Health defined the patient journeys for both solid tumor types, including relevant epidemiological data, treatment algorithm, and the current standard of care. The team strengthened these insights through primary research interviews with healthcare practitioners and key opinion leaders.
  • Phase 2: competitive pricing and market access landscape
    Alira Health mapped the competitive landscape to support the optimal positioning of the products in both indications. The team reviewed competitor pricing and performed deep dives into the reimbursement landscapes, validating its findings through primary interviews with medical policy experts.
  • Phase 3: recommendations and next steps
    In this last phase of the project, Alira Health provided recommendations on positioning that supported the value proposition of each asset, the competitive landscape, and the expected pricing and reimbursement landscape. This set the foundation for a long-term development plan for both of the client’s products.

The Alira Health team focused on providing the client with in-depth knowledge that could serve as the basis for its products’ future positioning and pricing and market access strategy. The team provided the client with key takeaways and potential next steps to support their development pathway.

The client received a robust picture of what the patient journey could look like for RLTs in two indications. It was especially vital for one of them as RLTs are not yet part of clinical practice. This fresh insight enabled the client to better understand product positioning opportunities and limitations and fueled the client’s rationale to pursue the development of their asset in this tumor type: less than one year after project completion, the client initiated a Phase I clinical trial in this indication where no RLT is present.

Key Success Factors

Key success factors included Alira Health’s extensive track record of over 30 projects in nuclear medicine in the past five years, its clear understanding of the unique dynamics within the nuclear medicine value chain, and knowledge of the competitive landscape and the challenging payer environment.

Business Impact

Our team provided the client with in-depth background information for future positioning development, key takeaways and potential next steps to support their journey. 

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