Buffers – Navigating New Demands On Downstream Raw Materials

Published on:
May 27, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has put unusual pressures on the supply and demand of raw materials required for the production and purification of biologics. A specific concern for the biomanufacturing industry is the availability of materials that make up essential buffer components.
Buffers maintain defined conditions that help stabilize proteins through production, purification, formulation, and storage so their composition is important.

In March of 2021, Angela Linderholm, Jennifer Bratt, and Steven Chamow of Chamow & Associates, an Alira Health company, with S. Anne Montgomery co-authored a Q&A style article on topics related to buffer supply.

The article was included as part of an eBook, produced by BioProcess International, addressing the various concerns surrounding the issues of access to raw materials and the impact shortages will have downstream. In the article, several questions about maintaining sustainable relationships between consumers and suppliers, alternative energy sources, and contingency planning were posed to industry experts Laura Kaepplinger and Adi Kleinman. Their responses provide insight into the approaches that the industry is taking to mitigate risk and minimize production impact.

Read the full article, the BioProcess International eBook, “Buffers, navigating new demands on downstream raw materials” by Robert Shaw, Angela Linderholm, Jennifer Bratt, and Steven Chamow.

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