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Cardiology Medical Devices Market Trends 2023

Published on:
June 26, 2023

Cardiology Medical Devices
Market Trends Report 2023

Cardiology Medical Devices Market Trends 2023 focuses on Cardiology Medical Devices in the US and EU.​ The report outlines how the market is on the rise, indicates where innovation is expected to come from, and discusses trends for the future.   

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  • The US & EU Cardiology Medical Devices Market was worth $34.3B in 2022 and is forecasted to grow at 6.2% CAGR ’22-’27 to reach $46.4B by 2027. Structural Heart was the largest segment at $9.6B in 2022 and is also expected to be the fastest growing segment.
  • Clear and consistent interest in the space continues as deal flow in both merger & acquisition deals as well as in strategic alliance deals has been steady since 2019.
  • Four key trends are expected to have a significant impact on the cardiac interventions market:
    • Growing cardiologist shortage
    • Cardiology medical devices are increasingly miniaturized to improve device use, access, and patient outcomes
    • Shift of cardiology procedures from traditional inpatient settings to Ambulatory Surgery Centers
    • Growth of non-invasive procedures that offer patients lower risk of infection, faster recovery times, and less pain and discomfort

The Cardiology Medical Devices Market Trends Report 2023 was prepared in collaboration with MassMEDIC and as a continuation of the insights shared at MassMEDIC’s MedTech Impact Symposium.

Cardiac Devices Market Trends US 2023


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