Five Years Evolution of Chemotherapy Administration in Home Care in France

Since 2011, the French National Health Authority has compiled several recommendations to leverage the use of home care, especially for the administration of chemotherapy. Future public policies should evaluate and consider the evolution of home care use in order to ensure its effective implementation.

From Alira Health, we designed a poster exploring the evolution of anti-cancer therapy administration to bronchopulmonary cancer patients by home care compared to conventional hospital administration in France from 2016 to 2021. In it, we expose that home care use is positively evolving in France; however, its development varies significantly between regions.

Have a look at the poster to get an overview of the dynamics in the development of chemotherapy in home care across different French regions during a five-year period.

Click below to download the full-screen version (available in French).

Download Poster

5 year home care study france chemotherapy

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