Mobile Technology in Clinical Trials 2022

September 12, 2022 | Boston, MA

We are pleased to share that we will be sponsoring and attending the Mobile Tech in Clinical Trials event as Self Care Catalysts, an Alira Health company. This crucial event focuses on helping R&D operation executives support more patients remotely. This 9th edition of Mobile Technologies in Clinical Trials will take place in Boston.

During the Mobile Tech in Clinical Trials event we will also have the pleasure of presenting a demo of Health Storylines™. Health Storylines is our patient-driven digital operating system for care and research that patients, patient advocacy groups, patient associations, Medtech, Biotech, Pharma, and manufacturers trust to engage in decentralized clinical trials (DCT), Real-World Evidence (RWE) generation, and patient support programs. Learn more about mobile technologies in clinical trials.

The demo will be conducted by Renee Willmon, Senior Director, Evidence & Outcomes of Self Care Catalysts, an Alira Health company.

Published on:
August 29, 2022
Our speaker
Renee Willmon

Renee Willmon

Senior Director, Evidence and Outcomes, Self Care Catalysts, an Alira Health company
Our delegates
Jennifer Lannon

Jennifer Lannon

Director, Patient Advocacy and Partnerships, Self Care Catalysts, an Alira Health company

Shameni Selvarajah

Associate Manager, Scientific Evidence, Self Care Catalysts, an Alira Health company
Damien Joseph

Damien Joseph

Commercial Product Associate, Self Care Catalysts, an Alira Health company

Would you like to meet Alira Health at Mobile Tech in Clinical Trials 2022? Contact us to set up a meeting.

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