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Our Philosophy, Growth, and Future: An Interview with Gabriele Brambilla

In 2015, Alira Health was less than 30 people. Now, we are over 650 all across the world. The idea behind Alira Health was to create a continuum of services to support our clients from concept ideation to commercial realization and then add technologies that would involve patients.

In the last year, Alira Health has reached several key milestones towards this goal: acquisition of CROS NT, a specialized biometrics CRO, acquisition of three digital health companies — b.patient, Patchai, and Self Care Catalysts — and acquisition of RedCrow™, an alternative investment platform. We sat down with Gabrielle Brambilla, CEO of Alira Health, to find out more about the plan behind such strong growth and what is coming up next.

Published on:
November 3, 2022
We are bringing to market a new model of solutions and services that are promoting the democratization of life sciences research.
Gabriele Brambilla CEO of Alira Health
Gabriele, how can you describe the philosophy of Alira Health?

We are a global company with the mission to humanize healthcare and life sciences, in partnership with patients, through innovative technologies and expert guidance. We feel accountable at every turn of the biopharma and medical technology development cycle. We are bringing to market a new model of solutions and services that are promoting the democratization of life sciences research.

Alira Health proprietary technologies such as Health Storylines™ and RedCrow™ are powering our partnerships with patients around the world and allow us to involve them actively in the creation and delivery of our services. We actively partner with patients in RWE decentralized studies for clinical, regulatory, and market access objectives. We also partner with them in the financing phase with our crowdsourcing platform. It is time to recognize, respect, and leverage the empowerment of patients.

Interview with Gabriele Brambilla

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How much has Alira Health grown in the last years?

When Alira Health started in 2015, we were a tiny entity with less than 30 people. After six years, we are over 650. Our best achievement so far has been the ability to attract and retain great talent in the market to execute our vision. Our previous background as a small boutique of M&A advisory gave us the skills and the courage to identify and acquire new, high potential companies. Together, we expanded our geographical reach with our portfolio of services and technologies.

Our financial solidity guaranteed by our new, long-term investors now gives us the right tools to reach $1B in revenue by 2030.

Alira Health’s tagline is “Idea. Innovation. Transformation. Humanizing Healthcare”. What kind of innovation is it referring to?

The innovative part of our approach is how we engage with patients. The Alira Health difference is we do not recruit patients for only a particular Clinical and RWE study.

We already have patients active on our platforms using our technology to manage their conditions, and we empower them with education on what it means to be part of a study and partner with them all along. We now have over 160,000 patients on our technology platforms.

What are Alira Health’s and its employees’ values?

At Alira Health we invest a lot of time in building our family around very core values. We believe in the importance of elevating others which means mentoring, guiding, and training your colleagues to become better than yourself in your current role. If they are ready to take your job, you will have the opportunity to move up in your career.

We believe in:

  • Being inclusive: In embracing differences and showing respect for everyone through words and actions; that actively seeking out differing opinions, mindsets and cultures enrich all of us, personally and professionally; and that sharing knowledge and experience with each other frees us all to operate on a higher level.
  • Being courageous: In taking chances, speaking up, and trying new things; in getting out of our comfort zones to try new opportunities for ourselves and the company; that age or experience is not tied to what you can do; that we’ve stayed on top by taking bold moves and calculated risks; and that you can’t be authentically inclusive without being courageous.
  • Being honest: In being honest in every interaction; in being candid in a respectful way, and delivered with good intentions; in everyone feeling empowered to voice their own opinion; and that a foundation of trust is essential for honesty.
  • Being accountable: In being accountable to all stakeholders; in standing by our words and commitments; and in delivering what we promise, every time, in compliance with regulations and laws.
  • Elevating others: Everyone has something valuable to share; that by giving professional development opportunities, we elevate the company to better serve our clients; in supporting and actively nurturing other people to be their best; and in looking beyond our teams for opportunities to praise, acknowledge, support and contribute to the advantage of others.

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