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Pharma Company Extends to New Markets through Strategic Licensing Agreements


A Swedish pharma company saw a market opportunity to expand access to its proprietary product outside of the Nordics and sought support developing strategic licensing deals.

Client Challenge

EQL Pharma is a Swedish pharma company with a well-established commercial footprint in the Nordic markets. Mellozzan is one of their leading products and is sold predominantly in the Nordics. It is a proprietary melatonin-based product for children and adolescents with ADHD suffering from insomnia.

The client conducted an assessment and discovered that there were no approved and reimbursed products with the same indication as Mellozzan available across Europe beyond the Nordics. Based on this assessment, EQL Pharma decided to expand to markets outside of the Nordics.

EQL Pharma reached out to Alira Health to license Mellozzan. Alira Health was selected due to its strong track record in licensing deals and deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical market.

Our Approach

Alira Health partnered with EQL Pharma to secure licensing deals outside of Nordics markets and proposed an approach with three strategic milestones:

  • Performed a thorough value proposition and pricing analysis in Europe and beyond.
  • Conducted an extensive evaluation of all potential targets that operate in ADHD and more broadly in pediatrics and Central Nervous System spaces, in Europe as a first priority and outside Europe as a second priority.
  • Coordinated and managed a competitive process to secure licensing and supply agreements with the strongest players fitting EQL’s company culture

Alira Health helped EQL Pharma sign strategic licensing agreements for Mellozzan with five well-known regional players with a global presence in ADHD, including the right to conduct technology transfer. This meant that Mellozzan can now be produced locally in expanded markets to provide easier and earlier access to more patients in need. Alira Health’s expert methodology helped narrow down the right potential licensees with strong capabilities in regulatory, market access, and sales. 

With these licensing agreements in place, EQL Pharma’s Mellozzan now reaches markets in Europe, Asia, Canada, and parts of MENA and LATAM. Moreover, Mellozzan will be one of the first melatonin products in Germany, the UK, Turkey and Kazakhstan to treat sleep disorders in children with ADHD.

Key Success Factors

Alira Health’s network in the global pharmaceutical industry and its extensive experience laid the foundation for securing the licensing agreements. Alira Health’s holistic expertise in market access, regulatory affairs, clinical, and RWE enabled it to take a 360-view of potential licensing partners.

Business Impact

Based on its methodology and deep experience in the pharmaceutical market, Alira Health helped EQL Pharma find the right fitting licensing partners, enabling Mellozzan to reach markets across Europe, Asia, Canada, MENA, and LATAM in the coming years.

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