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Pharma Develops e-Health Solution That Prioritizes Patients’ True Unmet Needs


A leading pharma company in the respiratory market sought support developing the right digital platform to expand their patient base and increase retention. 

Client Challenge

A leading European pharmaceutical company in chronic respiratory conditions wanted to expand their patient base, increase patient retention, and maintain patient long-term adherence. The company planned to use e-health technology to achieve these objectives. They were looking for a partner to understand whether or not to purchase an existing product or build a tailored solution from scratch.

The client chose Alira Health due to its extensive experience in patient engagement, strong knowledge of the respiratory market, and solid track of record in digital health.

Our Approach

Alira Health proposed a dual strategy to meet the client’s objectives. In the short term, Alira Health ran an extensive benchmark analysis of the best-fit digital platforms available and selected the most suitable option for rapid implementation.

For a long-term solution, Alira Health proposed to deliver a prototype of a custom e-health platform that truly met patient needs. Alira Health’s unique patient co-design methodology, based on design thinking, allowed the client to achieve this goal. The Alira Health team followed these key steps:

  • Assessed the patient journey and the current state of the digital therapeutics market in the specific respiratory-related therapeutic area.
  • Mapped regulatory and industry definitions of digital platforms and reviewed the landscape to determine key success factors for the most successful e-health platforms.
  • Generated and prioritized potential patient profiles based on their unmet needs, motivations, lifestyles, and desires.
  • Developed a conceptual solution prototype that responded to the defined user personas.
  • Established a go-to-market strategy based on patients’ and business model requirements.

Alira Health delivered a prototype of a digital platform based on design requirements that prioritized patients’ unmet needs. The prototype included different user personas to address individual requirements. The client leveraged the prototype to successfully develop an e-health solution.

Key Success Factors

Our unique approach allowed us to design a custom e-health platform in a streamlined way. Application of iterative user-centered methodology, design thinking, and behavioral design ensured the client captured true patient perspectives for their e-health solution.

Business Impact

Alira Health delivered a prototype of a digital platform that captured true patient perspectives which the client leveraged to successfully develop an e-health solution.

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