Pressure Ulcer Prevention Devices in the Management of Older Patients at Risk After Hospital Discharge: an SNDS Study

Pressure ulcer prevention is crucial in the care of older patients, as these wounds can be painful, slow to heal, and susceptible to infection. Preventing pressure ulcers is not only important for the patient’s well-being but also for reducing healthcare costs and improving the quality of care. As a result, healthcare providers and researchers have developed and studied various pressure ulcer prevention devices and strategies, especially for older patients at risk, both in hospitals and after hospital discharge.

In the article “Pressure ulcer prevention devices in the management of older patients at risk after hospital discharge: an SNDS study,” our team explores the effectiveness of home healthcare Pressure Ulcer Prevention Devices (PUPDs) for at-risk patients following hospital discharge in France. The article is available on PubMed.

Our team used a retrospective analysis of pressure ulcer-associated hospitalizations from the French medico-administrative database (Système National des Données de Santé, SNDS) and found that PUPD adoption significantly reduced pressure ulcers, with early device delivery being particularly beneficial. The article underscores the importance of timely prevention measures and cost-effectiveness in reducing pressure ulcers among older patients.

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