The 2023 MedTech Contract Manufacturing Report is released in the U.S.

A deep study and analysis of the current trends in the U.S. Medical Device outsourcing industry conducted by Alira Health

Published on:
February 7, 2023
Written by:
Carlo Stimamiglio, Sofia Puzzi, Eve Ogdon

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – February 7, 2023 – Alira Health, a global healthcare advisory, clinical research and technology company, announced today the release of the 2023 U.S. MedTech Contract Manufacturing Report in collaboration with MassMEDIC, the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council, the largest regional medtech association in the United States, and Alira Health’s MedTech Community partner. The report investigates the latest trends in the U.S. Medical Device outsourcing industry and is the result of research, data collection and forecasts conducted by Alira Health.

The 2023 U.S. MedTech Contract Manufacturing Report delivers a complete analysis of the Medical Device CDMO industry in the U.S. and the demand for specific outsourced services, capabilities, technologies, and application markets, leveraging primary and secondary research data. Insights anticipate how CDMOs will keep growing in 2023 (+13.1%,) outperforming the medical device markets (+6.1%) and contributing to the orderly supply of life-saving products.

“This improvement of the U.S. CDMO industry and the robust capital market will provide a competitive advantage for the overall global medical device ecosystem,” said Carlo Stimamiglio, Partner, Transaction Advisory Practice at Alira Health. “Thanks to the contribution of market insiders to our primary research, we forecasted the CDMO business in 2023, provided insight with a critical view on future opportunities and risks, and investigated on what these trends mean for medical device CDMOs and their capital sponsors.”

The report investigates and measures the headwinds, challenges, and threats faced by medical device outsourcing by covering the following topics: The Medical Device Market in 2022; Trends in the U.S. Medical Device CDMO Industry; Case Studies on Outsourcing Markets Bound to Transform M&A and Investment Activity in MedTech CDMO.

Despite the industry having suffered the onset of the global economic recession and the sustained global component shortages, the report shows how the U.S. MedTech CDMO market grew an estimated +9.4% in 2022. 2023 is expected to exhibit the trends affecting the manufacturing industries in the post-COVID era, yet the consolidation of the U.S. CDMO market will keep growing. The growth will reflect in the M&A transactions, anticipating a vibrant 2023 for dealmaking, led by increasingly experienced and knowledgeable investors, as companies will continue to consolidate their integrations with new acquisitions and strengthen their focus on healthcare, a long-lasting profitable business.

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