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The Playbook for Patient Engagement in MedTech in the U.S. is Launched

A Framework for Executing Successful and Sustainable Patient Engagement Strategies Across the Lifecycle Management of Medical Diagnostics and Devices

Published on:
January 31, 2023

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – January 31, 2023 – The MedTech Patient Engagement Think Tank announced today the launch of the Playbook for Patient Engagement in MedTech in the U.S. This is a collaborative initiative by the members of the MedTech Patient Engagement Think Tank, including 3M, Abiomed, Boston Scientific, Exact Sciences, Insulet, Smith+Nephew, Center for Patient Advocacy Leaders (CPALs), MassMEDIC and Alira Health. The playbook is a result of amalgamating ideas, research, findings, and forecasts from industry subject matter experts that together formed the Patient Engagement Think Tank in MedTech, an unprecedented 18-month collaboration with top-tier MedTech industry leaders.

The Playbook delivers actionable insights on how the MedTech industry can successfully incorporate patient engagement activities at each stage of the medical device and diagnostic development product lifecycle. Insights include how MedTech stakeholders can leverage bidirectional patient engagement strategies to ensure that patients’ experiences, perspectives, and priorities are captured and meaningfully incorporated into product lifecycle management. Key pain points, opportunities, value propositions, and activities across stakeholder groups in the playbook span clinical development, regulatory and market access, pre- and post-commercialization, and a patient-centered co-design methodology for MedTech that ensures products and solutions serve patient needs, improve outcomes, and maximize market access.

Patients, as well as caregivers, providers, and patient advocacy partners, are uniquely positioned to contribute to medical device and diagnostic development. Properly executed patient engagement strategies can serve patient needs, improve outcomes, and maximize market access. It is time for leaders in MedTech to establish industry-wide expertise and infrastructure and standardize sustainable patient-centric strategies. Leveraging the strategies outlined in this playbook will help establish industry awareness of patient engagement activities throughout the product development lifecycle, accelerate patient engagement efforts, and drive commercial success while meeting significant unmet needs.

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