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What Comes After the mRNA Vaccines?

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, mRNA-based vaccines saved millions of lives. However, mRNA technology has limitations, including heat susceptibility, high cost, and long manufacturing processes. As the post-COVID-19 vaccine industry evolves, new technologies are now emerging as alternatives to mRNA.

In the third episode of VacciTalks, we’ll discuss these new alternatives to mRNA vaccines and the promise they hold. For this conversation, we will be joined by Ryan Thomas and Dr. Pamela Housh from Eyam, a biotech company on a mission to bring safe, efficacious, and low dose vaccines and therapeutics to the market.

Watch this VacciTalk to discover:
  • What are the advantages and limitations of mRNA-based vaccines
  • What are the other new, emerging technologies in the market
  • What are the characteristics of new vaccine development technologies
  • How new vaccine technologies will change the future

About VacciTalks

VacciTalks is a series of unique appointments with the Key Opinion Leaders of the vaccine world. During each episode, our hosts Bernd Schollmeier and Kenny Carberry will sit down with their guests to discuss the topics currently disrupting the vaccine world – from development challenges to the COVID-19 impact, new technologies, and much more.

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About Our Speakers

Ryan M. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Eyam

Ryan M. Thomas, an entrepreneur and trusted leader, with a passion for innovation in healthcare, is the co-founder, CEO, and a Director of the Board at Eyam Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics. Collaborating closely with Dr. Wilf Jefferies, Ryan is at the forefront of next generation vaccine and therapeutic technologies. His pivotal role in building a dynamic team and charting Eyam’s strategic course has been central to the development of its pioneering technologies. Possessing a global perspective honed by extensive experience across Latin America, Europe, and North America, Ryan’s expertise spans a diverse array of fields including finance, fundraising, and strategic advisory for nascent ventures. 

Ryan’s academic journey in Economics and Finance began at Regis University and was further refined through the Fund for American Studies at Georgetown University. His dedication to continuous learning led him to the prestigious Advanced Management Program at IESE Business School in Barcelona. At Eyam, Ryan melds his global experience, financial acumen, and strategic insight to tackle pressing biotechnological challenges. Under his leadership, Eyam has embarked on creating impactful solutions for the next-generation of vaccine and immunotherapeutic technologies.

Ryan Thomas
Dr. Pamela Housh, Director of Business Development, Eyam

Dr. Pamela Housh is a life sciences professional with a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology and an EMBA specialized in Executive Leadership. Dr. Housh has contributed to the biotech and biomedical sciences sectors for over 15 years. Her work as a research scientist and her training as a science communicator has contributed to many publications and cross-disciplinary projects in the biotechnology and biomedical sciences sectors in Canada. Dr. Housh founded a non-profit organization Whole Human Foundation, she leads the ongoing annual conference series Whole Human Summit, and she was an active member of the Coralus (formerly SheEO) charitable network for three years.

Pamela Housh

Our Hosts

Bernd Schollmeier, Vice President, Global Market Access Vaccines

A vaccine expert with more than 30 years of experience, Bernd has been responsible for a range of global pricing and market access initiatives for vaccines in the international pharmaceutical companies — from delivering a range of solutions across development and strategic market access considerations for trial design to value demonstration in P&R negotiations as well as commercialization strategies.

Bernd Schollmeier
Kenny Carberry, Vice President, Business Development

Kenny’s background covers a wide array of indications across pharma, medical devices, and digital health. He has multiple years of experience in clinical trial operations and management and offers a unique perspective on the clinical development lifecycle from generating a comprehensive strategy through executing a successful trial.

Kenny Carberry
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