White Paper: Enhancing Patient Access with Early Access Programs

Design and Implementation Recommendations

Published on:
December 3, 2021
Written by:
Nerea Blanqué-Catalina, Luis Culla, Marie-Aude Ohresser, and Romain Finas

Pharmaceutical companies are facing an increasing demand from physicians for Early Access Programs (EAPs) and are willing to make their innovative medicines available to patients with a high unmet medical need before their commercialization.

Pre-launch strategies aim to address public health issues and to bring significant benefits to pharmaceutical companies, patients, and physicians. Such strategies aim to respond to regulatory delays, generate more KOL engagement, and enhance future P&R negotiations.

Download this white paper “Enhancing Patient Access with Early Access Programs: Design and Implementation Recommendations” in order to:

  • understand the complexity of launching EAPs
  • discover EAPs benefits
  • learn about the related challenges and ways to overcome them

Download your copy of "Enhancing Patient Access with Early Access Programs" white paper

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