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Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Integrate Environmental Sustainability Into Your Business and Commercial Strategies

The growing impact of environmental sustainability requirements highlights the necessity for a forward-thinking approach. This approach is essential to guarantee access to healthcare systems. Companies that holistically adapt to environmental sustainability requirements will not only survive but thrive, while helping the planet. We are at a critical climate tipping point, and everyone must do their part.

At Alira Health, we help pharmaceutical and medtech clients integrate environmental sustainability into their business and commercial strategies. Together, we are elevating environmental sustainability as a fundamental pillar of innovative business models.

Our Service Offering

We support companies in understanding the dynamic landscape of environmental sustainability in healthcare, identifying key stakeholders, and assessing potential business impacts. This approach enables proactive management of risks and the strategic leveraging of emerging opportunities.

Environmental sustainability can be integrated into core market access service offer, including:

Phase 1 Assessment:
Risk Determination
Go/No-Go Decision
Phase 2 Assessment:
Risk Mitigation Strategy

Map environmental sustainability trends / initiatives​

Landscape secondary sources specific to a therapeutic area/ product type and geographic scope

Identify the impacts of these trends​

Validate secondary data with primary research (either through internal and/or external stakeholder engagement)​

Prioritize the risks and opportunities to address​

Co-create a list of risks and opportunities linked to environmental sustainability to address ​

Develop a tailored strategy​

Prepare an approach tailored to the needs of the markets and products in scope​

Why Partner With Us for Your Environmental Sustainability Strategy

We’re a cross-functional team of innovative thinkers. We are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare with environmentally sustainable business practices.

Our team is:

Environmental sustainability strategy in healthcare
Richard Charter - Alira Health

Patients, healthcare systems, and the planet are at a critical tipping point. With healthcare interacting with 75% of supply chains across other industries, and contributing to 5% of total greenhouse gas emissions, all stakeholders are rapidly focusing on reducing the detrimental impacts of the healthcare system on the planet. Alira Health is focusing on holistically supporting all stakeholders to adapt to this necessary change.

In this article, we define the role of environmental sustainability in healthcare and share examples of current initiatives from various markets worldwide. 

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