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ESG Commitment

Sustainability is essential. Alira Health fully embraces Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

To share our commitments and accomplishments, we proudly present our ESG report, which reflects our commitment to a sustainable future. As we navigate the complex landscape of socially responsible business in a rapidly changing world, we remain dedicated to ESG principles, viewing them as integral to our identity and purpose.

Our mission, vision, and values inform our ESG strategy, making it more than just a document. It is a living framework that guides our decisions, actions, and aspirations as we navigate the complex landscape of responsible business.

At Alira Health, we use an inclusive governance model to give voice to diverse perspectives, enhance stakeholder satisfaction, and enrich collaboration. Our organization promotes shared accountability and mutual rewards. The employee shareholding model, established at our founding, instills a common sense of responsibility to fulfill our mission to place patients at the center of healthcare transformation and innovation.”

~ Benjamin Chambon
Chief Executive Officer,
Executive Vice President, Consulting

Ben Chambon
Four Pillars

Our strategy is crafted around four pillars:

  • Patients: Impact society by improving patients’ lives through a systematic patient-centric approach to healthcare solutions.
  • People: Empower our people through our values and governance model, including diversity, inclusion, and civic engagement.
  • Planet: Minimize our environmental impact.
  • Principles: Maintain high ethical standards.

Our initiatives for each pillar demonstrate our commitment to important aspects of our ESG plan, and their integration defines the holistic nature of our sustainability strategy. Similar to our integrated approach to patient-centric healthcare solutions, we believe that these four pillars in combination provide a strong foundation for a sustainable future.

Embracing ESG is central to our vision and mission to ensure the sustainability of our company and our impact on the well-being of patients globally. For Alira Health, ESG means upholding high environmental, social, and governance standards to benefit employees, clients, vendors, investors, and other stakeholders, all with the ultimate goal of benefiting patients.”

~ Gabriele Brambilla
Chief Executive Officer


Gab Brambilla
ESG Roadmap

We launched our ESG roadmap in 2022, starting with an evaluation of the company’s carbon footprint. Since then, we have developed a carbon footprint reduction plan targeting a 47% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. We conduct regular carbon footprint assessments to measure our progress and assess our plans.

In 2023, we achieved a bronze certification from Ecovadis. We also completed the B Corp Business Impact Analysis, attaining a score of 55 points out of the required 80 points for certification, surpassing the market standard for a first assessment. We are developing a comprehensive action plan to enhance our performance, with the goal of achieving an elevated certification from Ecovadis and a B Corp certification within twenty-four months. Our roadmap is designed to meet the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive law in the European Union (EU) by 2026.

In the spirit of our commitment to ESG principles, Alira Health remains steadfast in its journey towards a sustainable and responsible future. This ESG report highlights our dedicated efforts to create lasting, positive impact across all facets of our operations.
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