Internet of Things: a Tsunami of Clinical Trial Data

IoT devices allow sponsors to access an unprecedented volume and variety of data, but are they equipped to ride the data wave?

Internet of Things (IoT) is the catchall term covering devices that collect and exchange data with other devices over the internet. And, according to experts involved in their rollout in clinical trials, the sector is at a tipping point.

Gabriele Brambilla, CEO of Alira Health, was interviewed by Clinical Trials Arena on the promise and challenges of IoT in clinical trials.

“While ePRO and eCOA have been used for years, what’s currently different is how they are used. Previously, these approaches, while electronic, were utilised at clinical trial sites and therefore not decentralising the study. Now, these approaches are being used in a patient’s home.”

~ Gabriele Brambilla, CEO of Alira Health

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