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Alira Health is a global advisory and clinical research firm whose mission is to humanize healthcare and democratize life sciences, in partnership with patients, through innovative technologies and expert guidance. From development to medical care, Alira Health complements the expertise of its Pharma, Biotech, and MedTech clients with a full spectrum of services across their entire solutions lifecycle.

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RedCrow and Republic Forge Strategic Partnership to Transform Healthcare Crowdfunding

Published June 6, 2024 on GlobeNewswire

RedCrow, an Alira Health company and specialized equity crowdfunding platform dedicated to vetted healthcare investment opportunities, and Republic, a leading equity crowdfunding platform with an investor network of over 3 million users, proudly announced today their strategic partnership to reshape the landscape of healthcare crowdfunding. Go to the article

MATCH Biosystems, MIKROBIOMIK, and Oniria Therapeutics have been selected for the second edition of the Mentoring Program in Market Access for SMEs by AseBio and Alira Health

Published April 24, 2024 on

Last January, AseBio and Alira Health, a global advisory and clinical research firm, launched the second edition of their Mentoring Program in Market Access for SMEs. An initiative that, following the success achieved with its first edition, aims to continue supporting and driving market access for innovation from small Spanish biotechnology companies. Go to the article

biocat logo
Check out the 3 companies chosen to take part in ‘Startup Support Program 2024’

Published April 24, 2024 on

Biocat and the international consultancy firm Alira Health are promoting the second annual Startup Support Program 2024, focused on helping advanced and emerging therapies companies in the BioRegion of Catalonia reach the market. Go to the article

Lipogems Announces Last Patient Enrolled In The U.S. FDA IDE Arise Study For The Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis

Published April 10, 2024 on PR Newswire

Lipogems, a clinical stage- global medical technology company, announces it has completed enrollment in the ARISE I U.S. FDA IDE study, which aims to examine MicroFat versus corticosteriod injection for the treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis (OA). Efficacy and safety results from ARISE 1 are expected to be announced in 2025. Go to the article

Alira Health Joins Forces with APMA to Advance Podiatric Registry

Published March 27, 2024 on Innovation & Entrepreneurs News

Alira Health, a global advisory and clinical research firm, joined the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), the largest professional association representing podiatrists, physicians and surgeons who treat the foot and ankle, as a corporate member to help advance APMA’s Podiatric Registry. Go to the article

America’s Best Management Consulting Firms

Published March 12, 2024 on

There are more than one million management consulting firms in the United States, all collectively expected to generate almost $370 billion in revenue this year, according to IBISWorld. Across dozens of industries, consultants throughout the country help companies navigate challenges and seize opportunities in IT strategy, risk management, digital transformation and more. Go to the article

Best Consulting Firms in EMEA in Each Practice Area

Published March 2024 on Vault

Vault, the leader in data-driven employer rankings and verified employee reviews, released its 2024 rankings of the Best Consulting Firms to Work For in the EuropeMiddle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions. Alira Health was recognized as number 9 of the 2024 Best Consulting Firms in EMEA for Health Sciences Consulting. Go to the article

Alira Health Releases The 2024 Global Medtech Contract Manufacturing Report

Published February 26, 2024 on Markets Insider

This report offers a comprehensive analysis of trends in the global medtech contract manufacturing (CDMO) market and includes a deep dive into the contract manufacturing landscape in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, the UK, and the Nordic countries. Go to the article

Robotic-Assisted Surgery: Pioneering a New Era in Orthopedic Procedures

Published February 3, 2024 on BNN Breaking

Alira Health, in collaboration with MassMEDIC, publishes a comprehensive review on Robotic-Assisted Surgery in Orthopedic Procedures, predicting a 10% annual growth over the next five years. Go to the article

Alira, Sancare partner to enhance healthcare data analysis in France 

Published January 12, 2024 on Hospital Management

Global advisory and clinical research company Alira Health has announced a partnership with Sancare, a French artificial intelligence (AI)-driven healthtech company. Go to the article

Top 5 Most Listened-to Podcasts of 2023

Published December 26, 2023 on Applied Clinical Trials

Gabriele Brambilla, CEO of Alira Health, discusses how data sharing in clinical research should be implemented to value the person. He also highlights his career path and how he became so interested in healthcare innovation. Go to the article

How pharma is unleashing the benefits of real-world evidence along the value chain

Published December 14, 2023 on

By collecting and analysing real-world data (RWD), pharmaceutical companies are generating key evidence that supports regulatory authorisations and influences decisions at health technology assessment bodies and payers.  Go to the article

AseBio y Alira Health concluyen el programa de Mentoring en Market Access para pymes con excelentes resultados

Published December 4, 2023 on

AseBio y Alira Health, consultoría especializada global cuya misión es humanizar la asistencia sanitaria en colaboración con los pacientes a través de una amplia gama de servicios a lo largo del ciclo de vida del producto, han finalizado el programa de Mentoring en Market Access para pymes socias de AseBio con excelentes resultados. Go to the article

How to Enable Patient-Centric Co-Design for Better Healthcare Solutions

Published November 30, 2023 on Xtalks Online

Patient-centric co-design refers to an approach where patients or end-users are actively involved with healthcare professionals, designers and other stakeholders to develop healthcare services or products. Go to the article

Biotech Trends and Industry Insights for 2024 and Beyond

Published November 15, 2023 on Xtalks Online

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of biotechnology, industry leaders must stay informed of biotech trends and garner industry insights for 2024 and beyond. Go to the article

Alira Health joins partnership for Lupus research

Published November 7, 2023 on Worcester Business Journal

Framingham-based Alira Health has partnered with FORWARD, a national database for rheumatic diseases, to create an enhanced patient registry for autoimmune disease Lupus. Go to the article

Alira Health and FORWARD Launch Enhanced Lupus Patient Registry, Accelerating Solutions for Patients

Published November 6, 2023 on Associated Press

Patients with Lupus share their health experiences within a secure registry to advance research, support better clinical decision-making, and improve patient outcomes. Go to the article

3 Best Practices for Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials

Published November 1, 2023 on Xtalks Online

The revolution in clinical research is here, and it’s embodied by a single, powerful word: “patients.” The inclusion of patients during clinical development is not only a moral imperative but a strategic necessity in modern medical research. Go to the article

Trends and Challenges in Diabetes Management Devices

Published October 13, 2023 on PM360 Online

During the last 100 years since the discovery of insulin, a hormone that helps the body regulate blood glucose levels, the repertoire of tools available to the healthcare community for diabetes has exploded. Today, patients have multiple ways to manage their glucose levels with a wide range of diabetes management devices. Alira Health’s report “Diabetes Management Devices: Market Trends 2023”1 analyzes the market landscape, examines the trends, and highlights some of the common challenges faced by players. Go to the article

Innovating Healthcare with Gabriele Brambilla, CEO Alira Health | Season 2 Episode 11

Published September 20, 2023 on Med-Tech World Podcast

In this episode of The MedTech World Podcast, we interviewed Gabriele Brambilla, CEO of Alira Health. During the interview, we will delve into topics such as:, Gabriele’s experiences and journey in the Healthcare industry, his current work heading Alira Health, a global healthcare firm whose mission is to humanize healthcare and life sciences with the patients, Gabriele’s vision and role in shaping the future of Med-Tech and Digital Health. Go to the article

Manufacturing Challenges of Therapeutic Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Published September 19, 2023 on CHEManager International

The pharmaceutical industry has come a long way since 1907, when Paul Ehrlich coined the term “magic bullet” for treatments that could target disease-causing cells while spacing normal, healthy cells. Go to the article

New Biologics and Advanced Therapies:
Opportunities & Challenges in the Therapeutic & CDMO Markets

Published September 13, 2023 on CHEManager International

The pharmaceutical market is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by innovation among biologics and advanced therapies (ATs). This shift is not only redefining the treatment landscape but also presenting new opportunities and challenges related to the drug development and manufacturing value chain. Go to the article

Collaborating to compete: objectives and perspectives of Federated Innovation @MIND

Published September 12, 2023 on La Reppublica

A “federation” of companies and research bodies has the aim of transforming Italy – in particular Lombardy and Milan – into a new Silicon Valley. To date, 41 large companies have already been involved in the project. Go to the article

BIOSPAIN2023 Interview – Patients with a rare disease face a large number of unmet needs.

Published September 4, 2023 on AseBio

We talked about the role of patients in developing solutions for rare diseases with Annabel de María, Chief Patient Officer of Alira Health, Gold Sponsor of BIOSPAIN 2023. Go to the article

The World’s Best Management Consulting Firms

Published August 16, 2023 on

Offering a range of services—improving sustainability practices, advancing marketing strategy, or simplifying supply chain—consultants help companies solve their biggest problems. To help executives assess the options, Forbes partnered with the research company Statista to create our second annual World’s Best Management Consulting Firms list. Go to the article

America’s Best Management Consulting Firms

Published March 15, 2023 on

The number of management consulting firms in the U.S. has grown 2.6% per year over the last five years, according to IBISWorld. And they’ve been busy: consulting firms are tasked with guiding companies as they contend with upheaval in a wide range of areas—from economic instability and technological advances to shifting workplace norms and an increased focus on sustainability.   Go to the article

Executive Roundtable: The Rise of RWD in Clinical Research

Published May 17, 2023 on Applied Clinical Trials

Senior leaders gather to share insights on the increased investment in real-world data to boost the quality and efficiency of drug development—as the industry begins to more widely embrace evidence of proven outcomes in aiding approaches in clinical trial design, patient engagement, regulatory decision-making, and other areas. Go to the article

Pharma 2023: Unleash RWE Benefits Along the Value Chain

Published Apr. 20, 2023 on

Moderator Catia Proenca, director in real-world solutions, Alira Health; Rolland Kacsoh, global product director, iron disorders and rare anemias, rare blood, early assets, Novo Nordisk; […] Go to the article

EAE Business School Barcelona lanza el nuevo Global Máster en Sostenibilidad y RSC

Published Apr. 17, 2023 on Corresponsables

En un entorno en el que cada vez se requieren de más perfiles capaces de liderar la estrategia sostenible de las empresas, EAE Business School ha lanzado el Global Máster en Sostenibilidad y RSC en su campus de Barcelona. Go to the article

Massachusetts Life Sciences Week Focuses Spotlight on Commonwealth’s Global Leadership

Published Apr. 11, 2023 on Associated Press

April 24-28 to be celebrated as Life Sciences Week in Massachusetts; Three marquee convenings set stage to showcase the Massachusetts ecosystem’s global impact. Go to the article

Data In Clinical Trials—How Did We Get Here And What’s Next?

Published Apr. 4, 2023 on Applied Clinical Trials

Gabriele Brambilla, CEO of Alira Health, discusses how data sharing in clinical research should be implemented to value the person. He also highlights his career path and how he became so interested in healthcare innovation. Go to the article

Startup AI, le 25 imprese italiane più interessanti

Published Apr. 3, 2023 on StartUp News

Ecco 25 imprese italiane specializzate nell’uso dei sistemi basati su Intelligenza Artificiale per semplificare la vita di lavoratori e aziende o migliorare la società. La nostra redazione ha selezionato le più interessanti sul mercato Go to the article

Rare Community Profiles: Alira Health and the MGFA Partner to Develop a Myasthenia Gravis Registry

Published Mar. 22, 2023 on Patient Worthy

An estimated ~0.002% of people living within the United States have myasthenia gravis, a rare autoimmune neuromuscular disease. Similar to many other rare conditions, myasthenia gravis tends to be misunderstood and under-researched; more funding and research are needed to better understand the disease itself, its long-term impacts, and potential treatment options. Go to the article

Gabriele Brambilla CEO Alira Health

Published Feb. 15, 2023 on Investment Reports

Although Alira Health was officially founded in 1999, the business model you see today was only defined in 2015, when I acquired the company through a leveraged buyout with a French partner. Go to the article

Changing Faces: Agency and investor hires in Dec and Jan

Published Feb. 15, 2023 on Pharma Phorum

Though decidedly slower than some of the other sectors we tracked, December and January did have their share of hires in the marketing and communications world around pharma, as well as one notable investor hire. Go to the article

Report: Contract medtech manufacturing poised for growth in 2023

Published Feb. 14, 2023 on Manufacturing Dive

The U.S. medtech contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) market will grow 12.9% this year, according to a report by healthcare advisory and clinical research firm Alira Health and the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC). Go to the article

Digital program gets school kids moving

Published Feb. 8, 2023 on The University of Sydney

Sydney school kids participating in an innovative program developed by researchers at the University of Sydney increased their daily step count by 30 percent, while learning how to set goals and understand different levels of physical activity. Go to the article

The Playbook for Patient Engagement in MedTech in the U.S. is Launched

Published Jan. 31, 2023 on Yahoo Finance 

A Framework for Executing Successful and Sustainable Patient Engagement Strategies Across the Lifecycle Management of Medical Diagnostics and Devices. Go to the article

MGFA Relaunches Patient Registry to Help in Clinical Research

Published Jan. 31, 2023 on Myasthenia Gravis News

The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) has partnered with Alira Health to relaunch a patient registry for people with myasthenia gravis (MG) that “capitalizes on technological advances,” the nonprofit announced. Go to the article


The Power 500 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2023

Published Jan. 24, 2023 on The Healthcare Technology Report

This year, The Healthcare Technology Report began recognizing the most important companies in the healthcare technology space.  Go to the list

 The Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders of Massachusetts for 2023 

Published Feb. 14, 2023 on The Healthcare Technology Report

The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders of Massachusetts for 2023. Go to the article

America’s Best Management Consulting Firms 

Published Mar. 15, 2022 on Forbes

To help business leaders choose from the wide range of consultancies, Forbes partnered with Statista to produce its seventh annual list of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms. Go to the article

Alira Health News

The 2023 MedTech Contract Manufacturing Report is released in the U.S.

Alira Health, a global healthcare advisory, clinical research and technology company, announced today the release of the 2023 U.S. MedTech Contract Manufacturing Report in collaboration with MassMEDIC, the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council, the largest regional medtech association in the United States, and Alira Health’s MedTech Community partner.

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Access the latest research findings for news articles by leveraging Alira Health resources and reports, and inquire for interviews with subject matter experts.

US MedTech Contract Manufacturing Report

The report delivers a complete analysis of the Medical Device CDMO industry in the U.S. and the demand for specific outsourced services, capabilities, technologies, and application markets, leveraging primary and secondary research data. Insights anticipate how CDMOs will keep growing in 2023 (+13.1%,) outperforming the medical device markets (+6.1%) and contributing to the orderly supply of life-saving products.

“This improvement of the U.S. CDMO industry and the robust capital market will provide a competitive advantage for the overall global medical device ecosystem,” said Carlo Stimamiglio, Partner, Transaction Advisory Practice at Alira Health. “Thanks to the contribution of market insiders to our primary research, we forecasted the CDMO business in 2023, provided insight with a critical view on future opportunities and risks, and investigated on what these trends mean for medical device CDMOs and their capital sponsors.”

Carlo Stimamiglio, Partner, Transaction Advisory Practice 
Sofia Puzzi, Manager, Transaction Advisory Practice
Eve Ogdon, Associate Consultant, Transaction Advisory Practice

Download the report 

Read the press release 

Watch the webinar 

Cardiology Medical Devices Market Trends 2023

The report explores the existing market growth trends, areas of investment, and outlook, resulting from the research, data collection and forecasts conducted by Alira Health. The thorough analysis of the cardiology medical devices market includes insights into the key market drivers and restraints, including the cardiology market foundations, cardiology clinical and market landscape today, and cardiology market outlook.

“Several key trends are expected to have a significant impact on the Cardiology Medical Devices Market”, said Deepak Sahu, Managing Partner, Global MedTech at Alira Health. “Including an increasing shortage of cardiologists, increasingly miniaturized devices to improve device use, access, and patient outcomes.”

Deepak Sahu
, MBA, Managing Partner, Global MedTech 
Akash Karopadi, Principal, Global MedTech
Bill Schulz, Senior Consultant, Global MedTech

Download the report 

Read the executive summary

Read the company announcement

Diabetes Device Management Market Report

The comprehensive study assesses the status of the Diabetes Management Devices Market, focusing on the US and EU4+UK regions, and on the market’s three main segments: blood glucose monitoring, insulin delivery, and digital management platforms. 

“The most notable advance is the development of closed-loop systems”, said Deepak Sahu, Managing Partner, Global MedTech at Alira Health. “Combining the capabilities of insulin delivery, continuous glucose monitoring, and digital health, is leading to more patient-centric solutions.”

Deepak Sahu
, MBA, Managing Partner, Global MedTech 
Luis Korrodi, Associate Director, EU, Global MedTech
Avaneesh Thautam, Senior Consultant, US, Global MedTech
Ethan Kelly, Associate Consultant, US, Global MedTech

Download the report

Read the executive summary

Read the company announcement

biologics and advanced therapies report

The study explores the rapidly growing global Biologics and Advanced Therapies (ATs) market, with a focus on North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, including an in-depth market analysis, detailed examination of transactional activity, insight on the development of Biologics and ATs CDMO services, and market outlook.

“The expanding capabilities position the pharmaceutical CDMO market in a solid position to support the projected growth of the biologic pharmaceutical market over the next five years”, said Carlo Stimamiglio, Partner, Transaction Advisory Practice at Alira Health.

Carlo Stimamiglio, Partner, Transaction Advisory Practice 
Alexandra Wollersheim, Partner, Transaction Advisory Practice
Filippo Pendin, Principal, Transaction Advisory Practice
Shaneze Chebbah, Principal, Transaction Advisory Practice

Download the report

Read the executive summary

Read the company announcement


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