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Navigate Manufacturing, Logistics and Positioning With Precision

From manufacturing and logistics to clinical and commercial positioning in the US, EU, and APAC markets, we help our clients navigate every step with precision.

The development of radiopharmaceutical solutions, whether for diagnostics or therapeutics, is full of challenges. Companies must navigate diverse regulatory landscapes, a complex payer environment with high prices and cost pressures, and varying levels of nuclear medicine maturity across geographies.

Our team can accompany you on this complex development journey. We understand each step; from choosing the relevant regulatory pathway to delineating the reimbursement landscape and determining optimal clinical and competitive positioning of your product.

Nuclear Medicine Development and Support

Full Lifecycle of Services for Your Success in Nuclear Medicine

Our experience with Alira Health in assessing the radiopharmaceutical market landscape and isotope production has been exceptional. They helped us navigate this complex space with passion, purpose and precision. We don’t consider Alira Health as just a consulting firm; they are our strategic partner.”

Why Partner With Us?

nuclear medicine therapy development

Amidst fervent merger and acquisition activities and the rapid approval of novel theranostic agents, 2024 stands as a transformative year for nuclear medicine, promising to enhance patient outcomes dramatically across a broad spectrum of diseases. However, this progress is tempered by significant supply chain challenges, particularly the shortages of crucial radioisotopes like actinium-225, which are impacting both clinical study supplies and potential commercial availability. These shortages highlight the critical need for a more robust and reliable supply chain. Alira Health is committed to supporting all the key stakeholders their continued growth and application of these transformative therapies.

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Latest Nuclear Medicine Insights

A US biopharma company needed to validate the patient journeys and US reimbursement pathways for their two alpha-emitting radioligand therapies in two solid tumor indications. They also sought to understand the suitable price points for these assets.

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