Statistical Consulting

Optimize your clinical development—from study design to submission and beyond—with our innovative statistical strategies

Reduce costs and timeline of your clinical trial

Our dedicated, in-house experts use the most innovative methods to support the development of study designs across a wide range of therapeutic areas and phases for both medical devices and drugs.

We’ll work closely with you to support regulatory interactions and oversight implementation.

No matter how complex your project, get tailored, comprehensive support, including:
  • Statistical strategy for clinical development plans
  • Study design and protocol development
  • Power and Sample size calculation
  • Implementation of complex statistical methodologies
  • Support for interim analyses
  • Support for Data Monitoring Committees / Data Safety Monitoring Boards
  • Support for regulatory interactions

Why choose Alira Health?

Alira Health biometrics team has provided expert statistical guidance for over 500 projects. As our partner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Working with the subject matter experts and statistical consultants with over 20 years of clinical development experience
  • Strategic input on clinical development plans and protocols
  • Strong know-how in the latest statistical methods
  • Direct access to an in-house team of regulatory experts

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