Patient Engagement

Patient Advisory Board

Gaining actionable insights directly from patients

At Alira Health, we create patient advisory boards to deliver key insights to our clients. Working with these patient experts, either online or in person, is the best way to capture detailed, nuanced information that will inform your strategic objectives and the development of your product.

Our industry-leading experts facilitate patient meetings, giving you real-time information on how you might:



  • Prioritize drug discovery projects
  • Improve research outcomes
  • De-risk early science
  • Avoid systematic errors, reputational losses, and additional disinvestments
  • Anticipate conversations around market access
  • Increase speed and magnitude of return of investment on development

Creating an effective advisory board

Patient engagement has become commonplace at various stages in the drug development process, especially for rare diseases and is quickly becoming essential in every therapeutic area. The earlier patients are involved in research, the more long-term value it will bring to clinical development.

Your dedicated patient engagement team will work closely with you to leverage our deep industry experience and global network to:

  • Develop the advisory board’s objective
  • Select and invite patients
  • Develop discussion guides
  • Educate patients on their role on the advisory board
  • Organize and facilitate meetings and surveys

Why choose Alira Health?

Our Patient Engagement team and our full-service, inhouse CRO provides you with leading industry experts including clinical trial coordinators, physicians, and regulatory specialists. We work closely with you and effectively with patients to:

  • Develop meaningful patient connections, including developing questions and determining best approach for receiving feedback
  • Organize and facilitate complex meetings that coordinate stakeholders while ensuring patient comfort
  • Act as unbiased third-party to collect impartial insights, and ensure no conflict of interests are perceived by patients
  • Provide compliance ensured, secure and compliant data-sharing, all Alira Health Clinical team members are trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Prepare executive-ready reports
  • Deliver integrated, cross-functional services across the product development lifecycle

Working together to transform healthcare

Developing a lifecycle of patient engagement benefits patients and provides organizations with impactful insights and measurable results to their business.

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Annabel de Maria
Annabel de Maria
Vice President, Patient Engagement
Elevating patient voices is key to transforming healthcare. We connect clients and patients, creating actionable insights that serve stakeholders and highlight patient concerns and values.

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