Patient Engagement

Patient Care Matrix

Patient-centric decision-making

The ability to make informed decisions when entering new disease categories requires a deep analysis to understand of how to be patient-centric in new fields.

Strategic patient centricity

Alira Health offers a complete consultancy process to analyze company needs and set the vision, and plan, to become a true patient-centric organization.

A unique approach to patient engagement

Alira Health has created a unique matrix which provides a hierarchy on:
  • Disease prioritization, including:
    • Presentation-rate indicator
    • Orientation of treatment likelihood

Why choose Alira Health?

Alira Health’s Patient Engagement practice is part of our full lifecycle approach, which gives our clients actionable insights to help keep the patient’s voice involved at every step of the development lifecycle.

Alira Health helps you to:

  • Maximize clinical trial planning and execution effectiveness
  • Target business development and marketing strategies around real patient unmet needs
  • Increase HTA assessment success by presenting better outcomes to health authorities
  • Consolidate the company’s patient-centric vision and culture

Working together to transform healthcare

Developing a lifecycle of patient engagement benefits patients and provides organizations with impactful insights and measurable results to their business.

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Annabel de Maria
Annabel de Maria
Vice President, Patient Engagement
Elevating patient voices is key to transforming healthcare. We connect clients and patients, creating actionable insights that serve stakeholders and highlight patient concerns and values.

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