Patient Engagement

Patient Care Matrix

Comprehensive assessment of potential markets

Alira Health provides strategic guidance for clients who are exploring business development opportunities in a new disease category.

As your partner, we will assess the patient centricity requirements alongside the market opportunity for sustainable and profitable growth, ensuring that new development decisions consider the full spectrum of patient needs and opportunities. We work closely with you to investigate:





  • How to center patients in the disease assessed
  • What product development activities should be considered
  • Possible operating models
  • Specific or additional segments and opportunities for further exploration

A propriety, comprehensive matrix

Our Patient Care Matrix provides a hierarchy of disease prioritization, including presentation-rate indicators and orientation of treatment likelihood.

Additionally, our matrix is created as part of a larger, full spectrum consulting project where our business analysts scout new opportunities to provide a complete picture of the market in terms of patient centricity.

Together, we’ll help you make an informed decision that balances your business goals with patient needs.

Why choose Alira Health?

Unlike other firms, who can only provide sales projections and the overall number of patients, we are able to deliver:

  • In-depth analysis of patient populations and perceptions, both physical and emotional
  • An overview of healthcare system capabilities
  • Insight into the disease and environment
  • A therapeutic arsenal profile

Working together to transform healthcare

Developing a lifecycle of patient engagement benefits patients and provides organizations with impactful insights and measurable results to their business.

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Annabel de Maria
Annabel de Maria
Vice President, Patient Engagement
Elevating patient voices is key to transforming healthcare. We connect clients and patients, creating actionable insights that serve stakeholders and highlight patient concerns and values.

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