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Patient Engagement in Digital Solution Design

Create a Digital Solution That Responds to True Patient Needs

patient engagement in digital solution design

When you develop a digital solution based on input direct from patients, you ensure it meets their real needs rather than assumed ones. By involving patients in the decision-making process, you can customize features and functionality to satisfy user preferences.

As a result, you:

  • benefit from higher engagement levels and increased adherence to usage protocols.
  • reduce dropout rates and increase long-term retention.
  • enhance overall satisfaction and usability.

This allows continuous patient data collection and generation of real-world evidence which ultimately leads to ongoing improvement of your product and patient outcomes.

Partner with us to unlock patient-informed actionable insights and maximize the potential of your digital solution.

Our Methodology for Digital Solution Concept Development

We rely on validated, measurable design processes and methods to help you deliver commercially successful and regulatory-compliant digital solutions. We include patients and relevant stakeholders as decision-makers across the entire product development lifecycle.

Empathize and define

Conduction of primary and secondary research to identify user needs and pain points and define user personas 

Ideate and co-create

Development of conceptual in co-creation with end users to address patient-related design requirements 


Development of digital health solutions based on patient-informed product design specifications 


Evaluation of digital solutions to collect practical feedback to increase user preference, engagement, and retention 

PEN digital solution design

Examples of Implementation Opportunities:

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