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RWD to Broaden Access to
Healthcare Solutions in France

Leverage French Hospital Electronic Medical Records and Claims in a GDPR-Compliant Environment

Access and leverage French hospital Electronic Medical Records and claims in a General Data Protection Regulation-compliant environment, augmented with evidence generation strategy, analytics, market access, and Health Economics and Outcomes Research to design and deliver impactful Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies.

Overcome the significant limitations of the traditional approach to current claims data and prospective cohorts by partnering with Alira Health and Sancare, an award-winning firm whose mission is to enrich hospital data through artificial intelligence.

The Alira Health and Sancare partnership allows near real-time access to a vast array of interconnected deep hospital Electronic Medical Record data linked with claims, updated weekly, with a minimum of four years history, all powered by advanced analytics and a strategic approach tailored for your goals.

  • Data from 16 hospitals including large university hospitals, private clinics, cancer centers, and non-university hospitals, evenly distributed throughout France (13 more expected by end of Q1 2024)
  • 490,000 stays in 2021 for full and partial hospitalizations, not counting dialysis and chemotherapy sessions (tracked separately)
  • 105,000 stays for cancer therapy administration (injectable form) in 2021
Electronic Medical Records
  • Hospitalization, surgery, imaging, and pathology reports
  • Biology and pathology reports
  • Structured biology and inpatient drugs
    (inpatient and discharge) and medical devices
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Medical and paramedical notes
Claims-Related Data (PMSI-Like)
  • DRGs and claims submitted for reimbursement
  • Diagnostics
  • Procedures
  • Drugs and implantable medical devices “en sus” (on top of DRG)
  • Full patient continuum of care in hospital (unique patient ID)
Human Quality Controls

Human QC completed by trained and certified healthcare staff; extend and depth of audit is adaptable to client’s needs and end-use of data 

High Quality Patient Information

Well-defined, efficient, and GDPR-compliant patient information process, with short time from protocol finalization to study roll out and results 

Why Partner With Alira Health and Sancare for Your RWE Studies?

Natural Language Processing for Analysis of Complex Diseases in the Hospital Setting

(Lupus Case)

A hospital-specific NLP-powered platform can identify and characterize patients to provide pharma and biotech companies with fit-for-purpose RWD.

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