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Patient Engagement Certification

Alira Health’s commitment to enhancing our own Patient Engagement knowledge and skills

Healthcare companies embrace the value of being patient-centric to improve overall quality of care but are often challenged putting this commitment into practice.

Alira Health offers rigorous Patient Engagement Certification (PEC) training for our own consultants so they can provide practical guidance to help clients prioritize the needs, preferences, and experiences of patients in every aspect of their operations.  Our Consulting teams are trained and ready to work with clients today. New Alira Health teams are graduating from the PEC program every month.

The PEC program has six modules spanning the product life-cycle and detailing the role of patients at each key development point.

Our certification approach has been developed based on a systematic experimental study reviewed by an Independent Review Board (IRB) and designed in collaboration with the Center for Patient Advocacy Leaders (CPALs). We plan to publish our results in a relevant academic journal later in 2024.

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