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Amplifying Patient Voices

patient engagement in product development
We Help Clients Center Patient Voices at Every Stage of Product Development

Effective treatments and improved outcomes rely on integrating patient feedback efficiently and in real time. From research to launch, we connect patients, clinicians, and advocacy groups to accelerate client understanding of patient priorities, creating opportunities to solve unmet needs in new markets, and developing activities to match patient values and priorities.

How We Help Clients

Why Choose Us for Patient Engagement?

Annabel de Maria Bosch - Chief Patient Officer

When a company wants to define its business plans for the global market, it needs to focus on the real needs of the patient and to find a way to support them along the full journey."

~ Annabel de Maria
Chief Patient Officer

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See why Alira Health was named one of the world’s best management consulting firms by Forbes.

Alira Health Named One of the World's Best Management Consulting Firms by Forbes

Patient Engagement Across the Lifecycle

Opportunities for patient partnership exist at every stage of the development lifecycle. Understanding where – and how – to engage patients and action their insights will improve outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

  • Priority-setting​​
  • Fundraising, budget allocation
  • Early-phase protocol synopsis​
  • Engagement stages
  • Practical clinical insights​
    Informed consent design and review​
  • Trial design, outcome selection​
  • Trial committees
  • Investigators’ meetings​
  • Regulatory advice​
  • Study reporting, life-impact description​
  • Public info review
  • Experts’ meetings​
  • Early access request​
  • Patient perspective on P&R decision
  • Patient-journey insights
  • Patient-flow structuring at PoC
  • Mobilization programs​
  • Emotional insights​
  • Patient support​ adherence programs

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