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Patient-Centric Technology

Patients are ready to be understood. Technology translates their experiences into data.

Alira Health delivers innovative patient engagement strategies across our offerings with a proven technology platform that helps Life Sciences clients incorporate the voices of patients across clinical research to routine care. For example, over 150,000 patients are enrolled on our patient-centric platform, Health Storylines™, today.

One Platform, Three Configurable Modules Applicable from Clinical Research to Routine Care

  • Clini-Sight to extend clinical trials with virtual site additions that optimize recruitment and reduce loss to follow up
  • Evi-Sight to facilitate patient-generated real-world data collection outside the clinical setting
  • Care-Sight for patient education and support in routine care, including digital therapeutics


A virtual site addition that enables faster, more diverse, and more efficient clinical studies by offering patients, care givers and care teams innovative ways to engage in trials that better fit the lives they lead. Clini-Sight addresses some of the most common pitfalls to clinical trials from patient identification and recruitment to loss to follow-up with the following solutions:  

Digital site addition that helps companies meets patient mobilization and recruitment goals.

Digital clinical data capture (eCOA including ePRO and eDiaries, EDC and IoT integrations) through a user-friendly interface for long-term patient engagement and retention.

Virtual patient follow-up  and assessments to streamline study communications and interactions with the broader health community.


Evi-Sight is a digital Real-World Evidence (RWE) platform that collects and curates data that offers insight into the patient experience, clinical outcomes, patient behavior, and decision-making. It offers direct-to-patient evidence generation through interconnected digital technologies, including longitudinal Real-World Data from multiple sources such as ePROs and EMR systems. This evidence gives life sciences companies visibility into real-world patterns of care to understand how the complex healthcare ecosystem interacts with products.  

Evi-Sight collects precisely the data needed from patients, such as patient preference studies, cross-sectional surveys, or longitudinal patient registries enabled by attracting and retaining diverse populations with digital technology options and partnerships with medical and patient associations.

Registry Example

Myasthenia gravis (MG): Alira Health partners with the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) to execute a patient registry with over 3,500 participants that provides longitudinal insights into the characteristics and experiences of patients with MG that can simultaneously support independent supplemental studies to answer acute questions. The Registry equips Medical Affairs, HEOR, Market Access and Commercial teams with powerful patient insights. Learn more here.


Care-Sight offers a digital platform for Patient Support Programs (PSPs) and digital therapeutics (DTx).

Enable patient self-activation through educational resources and self-tracking of QoL data.

Offer clinical decision support to monitor clinical outcomes and medication adherence to facilitate patient-HCP interactions and improve shared-decision-making.

Develop digital therapeutics for more personalized and complex disease management programs that are proven to improve health outcomes.

Today, over 150,000 patients are enrolled in our patient-centric platform Health Storylines™.

An Evolution of Health Storylines

Health Storylines is a patient-driven digital operating system that covers multiple use-cases from decentralized clinical trials (DCT) to Real-World Evidence (RWE) generation, and patient support programs.  

Configurable modules ranging from eCOA, eConsent, eRecruitment, ePayments, Tele-health to EDC integrations.

Modules designed to boost patient engagement and retention such as Circle of Support to create an online social community, Health tools to improve self-monitoring and self-empowerment and many more.

+150,000 patients enrolled with a multi-lingual global footprint to highlight our efforts in bolstering inclusivity and diversity in life-sciences.

Our patient-centric technology platform, Health Storylines, powers research and care use cases along the clinical research and routine care journey. Health Storylines facilitates clinical research and its application into routine care for patients, caregivers, providers, and sponsors.”

~ Piergiulio Lauriano
Chief Strategy Officer

Piergiulio Lauriano

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